Cougar online dating review baldwin orgasonic dating

I've added this to the various sites I use to try and find cougars.

Let's face it, finding older chicks isnt exactly easy so using a website that pairs older women (who like young guys) with such guys is a good start.

After losing my sh*t with another well known site thats supposed to help guys like me find hot older chicks I ended up on and fully admit i was expecting to be equally pissed about the service and selection (i.e the milfs and cougars that are available).

Its pretty much what you need if you want to bang older women on a fairly regular basis (not regular enough maybe but cant have everything I suppose! I just joined this recently as I wasnt having much luck on match and tinder.

After I've explained my issues, they fully reimbursed the amount I was charged.

Their support team is really good, I'm impressed and I will definitely consider a membership on any of their websites in the future.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you go home and jack off.

The good thing about online dating and these so called cougar sites in particular is that I know most of the women I get into chats with are as interested in the end result as I am.

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