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When Staszek cheats on Bronka, the tragedy pursues.

Director: Jan Lomnicki Three idealists - a communist secretary, a former RAF pilot and a female political activist - need to face the hardships and accusations of postwar Stalinist years before being finally rehabilitated. See full summary » Director: Adam Guzinski "Waiting for Godot" on ice and snow, without words.

Singing Rihanna's Only Girl In The World on the Live Show tonight, but what did the Judges have to say?

Kim (Ahn Sung-Kee) left his homeland, wife and daughter 13 years ago to roam Europe, finally settling in Poland, where he opened a taekwondo school. See full summary » Director: Seung-wook Moon Ewa Bonecka, a young student about to start school in a new place finds herself without a place to sleep after she is declined a room in a women-only hotel. See full summary » Director: Tadeusz Chmielewski A ballad about a group of construction workers who are building a large dam.

An emphasis is put on friendship between front-line Polish and Soviet soldiers, but little or no mention of the problems in general Polish-Soviet relations of that era (though they were often suggested in background).

This video was shot in approximately 3 hours on a Sunday morning/afternoon.

Visit the official site: Well we don't know about you, but we are sure glad that Jack Walton has been brought back into the competition as Mel B's Wild Card act.

Oa S"This was all @So Chevon's idea..." [email protected]@So Chevon came up with the idea on a Friday and called me.

We came up with some ideas but we basically improv'd the scenes.

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